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Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 7.00pm

Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 7.00pm

Route du Cap spartel Km 10 Tanger - Maroc

A Garden By The Sea
Our name comes from the Latin, Donare, meaning to give.

Welcome to Donabo Botanical Gardens, which sits atop a mountain, overlooking the sea, and is made possible by the mildness of the oceanic climate, the presence of many natural springs, and the sheer generosity of this fertile land.

Cooking School

In Donabo’s vegetable garden, vegetables are not only grown to be turned into soups and tajines, but also and above all to elicit the attention of visitors.


we pride ourselves on serving fresh organic food prepared daily by our chefs enjoy a delicious Organic salad or fresh seasonal Tagine Chefs seasonal specials every weekend

Private Hire

Areas of the gardens can be privately hired to accomodate all kinds of events, from team building to wedding photo shoots, in spectacular surroundings.


In our shop you will find unique gifts and souvenirs which will forever remind you of your journey through Donabo Gardens.

Join us to make Tangier a greener city

Members enjoy free entry to the gardens and cafe, and a 10% discount in the cafe and gift shop. But most importantly they help us keep the gardens beautiful all year round.