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Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 7.00pm

Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 7.00pm

Route du Cap spartel Km 10 Tanger - Maroc

The World of Edible Plants

Discover the world of Edible and medicinal plants at Donabo Gardens.

In this busy modern world we here at Donabo Gardens think it is very important to educate young children about eating healthy vegetables salads flowers and fruits. Salads do not grow in plastic bags in the supermarket !!

Guided tour of the Gardens showing the many edible herbs and flowers we have in the Gardens.

Learn about their health benefits and how beautiful a salad can be
A class for the senses

50 dh per child 1 hour minimum 15 children Maximum 30 children

Join us to make Tangier a greener city

Members enjoy free entry to the gardens and cafe, and a 10% discount in the cafe and gift shop. But most importantly they help us keep the gardens beautiful all year round.