Route du Cap spartel Km 10 Tanger - Maroc
Mardi - Dimanche : 10h00 - 20h00

Garden rules :

These rules that we ask you to respect serve to protect the habitat of the plants and animals that have found refuge here. They also ensure a high quality visit in complete safety.Please enjoy the peace and serenity of our Gardens, a small break from the city

Please note that all mobile phones must be set to vibrate mode whilst you are in the Gardens, also we ask you to please keep your conversations at a quiet level.

1- Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the site

2- Bicycles, skateboards and scooters are prohibited

3- Ball or ball games are forbidden

4- It is forbidden to pick plants, fruits, vegetables and seeds

5- It is forbidden to capture animals, injure them or destroy their shelter

6- It is forbidden to climb the trees, benches low walls and buildings

7- An authorisation is required for filming, and commercial or professional photography

8- Food and picnics are forbidden

9- It is forbidden to walk around shirtless in a swimsuit or barefoot

10- It is forbidden to bathe, take foot baths and fish in the fountains and ponds

11- Radios and musical instruments are not allowed without prior authorization

12- Smoking is prohibited except in areas reserved for this purpose

13- It is forbidden to throw waste elsewhere than in the places provided for this purpose

14- Children under 13 must remain all time under the supervision of an adult

15- It is forbidden to distribute, offer, display or sell services, articles, or merchandise of any kind unless                        

authorised by management

16- It is forbidden to spit and throw chewing gum on the ground

17- The use of drones is forbidden from or above the botanical garden

18- Aggressive behaviour is not tolerated. Anyone who breaks the rules will be subject to expulsion without refund of entrance fees or subscription.


Donabo gardens reserves the right of access to the garden.

- The garden may be closed on certain days of the year the management will try to inform subscribers in advance.

- All subscruptions are subject to management’s acceptance.

- The number of subscruptions is limited.

- Any subscription entitles you by:

  • Access to the garden and the café.
  • 10% discount for any consumption at Donabo Gardens café.
  • 10% discount for any paid event organized by Donabo Gardens.

- Donabo Gardens informs its kind subscribers and visitors that the number of parking spaces is limited.

- Parking is strictly reserved for visitors and members, subscribers of Donabo Gardens.

- It is forbidden to park a vehicle without visiting the gardens.                                       

The botanical garden thanks you for your cooperation