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Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 6:30pm

Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 6:30pm

Route du Cap spartel Km 10 Tanger - Maroc

A garden over the sea

Conceived by Malika El Alaoui, a native of Tangiers, with her heart and family tradition rooted there, and designed together with British artist Paul Belvoir, Donabo proposes to take visitors through this age-old tradition of the art of the garden in the form of an eye-opening experience, an educational journey in ten successive stages

From the Moroccan garden that celebrates the tradition of tea to the labyrinth of mints where multiple varieties blend their fragrances along the alleys, from the delicate rose garden thriving in the cool shade to the Chinese garden revealing its ancestral symbols, from the pollinator garden whose flowers irresistibly attract bees to the garden of peppers whose fruits seem to be playing with fire, the visitor is gradually introduced to the garden.

This garden is now open for all to enjoy.

Join us to make Tangier a greener city

Members enjoy free entry to the gardens and cafe, and a 10% discount in the cafe and gift shop. But most importantly they help us keep the gardens beautiful all year round.